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Peabody Dental Care has helped maintain glowing smiles since 1988!

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Whether you require preventative, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry, the office of Peabody Dental Care, in Santa Cruz, California, can assist! We also provide sedation dentistry to help alleviate anxiety and make your visit more comfortable. We have helped patients maintain bright smiles since 1988. Peabody Dental Care is here to serve both your oral health and personal comfort.


We are a convenient, one-stop dental practice for patients of all ages. Our goal is to put every individual at ease for a more enjoyable visit. We want every patient to leave our office with a beautiful, healthy smile and exceptional results.


At our practice, we recognize that each patient has specific needs and anxieties, and we are committed to ensuring a comfortable visit for everyone who walks through our door. Whether you need a check-up, a few fillings, or something more extensive, Peabody Dental Care wants you to be at ease during your appointment. 

Our dental practice is experienced in treating patients who have had less than ideal experiences at other offices. This is why we care for each patient as an individual. We want every person to know that he or she matters, and we are here for them every step of the way. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do.


Further, we provide a judgment-free zone for our patients. Whether you have consistently visited a dentist or if it has been decades since you’ve sat in the dental chair, our team doesn’t lecture or give you a hard time. Instead, we work to improve your oral health and minimize any pain, discomfort, or future problems. While it might be hard to believe, we want our patients to actually enjoy visiting the dentist.


To keep your mouth as healthy and comfortable as possible, we use the latest, most advanced technology. These new tools are an updated version of the same equipment that may have given you anxiety in the past. Dr. Guy Peabody routinely attends continuing education courses about cutting-edge technology to provide safer, more consistent results for our patients. He also ensures that his entire dental team is experienced in the latest that the field has to offer. You can always trust that you are in safe hands at Peabody Dental Care.

Peabody Dental Care has successfully treated patients with the following concerns in mind:

Bad past dental experiences * Fear of needles & injections (shots) * No treatment for 30+ years * Afraid to smile * Very sensitive teeth & gums * Problems getting numb * Missing teeth
“Our dental office provides the highest quality dental care in an atmosphere of comfort and understanding.”
– Dr. Guy Peabody, D.D.S.

First Dental Appointment

Peabody Dental Care is here to help.

During your first visit to our office, the doctor will talk with you privately about your medical and dental history. We highly encourage that you ask questions so you will feel comfortable discussing your dental goals and fears. Dr. Peabody makes sure to address any concerns so you have a full understanding of your treatment options. Our dental practice wants to empower you to make an informed decision and to make certain that you’re involved in every aspect of your care. Peabody Dental Care strives to exceed our patients’ expectations.
We also understand that your first visit can be difficult but rest assured that we always want to make your time at our dental office as pleasant as possible. You’ll never feel rushed at our practice since we provide each patient with an ample amount of time to speak with the dentist and staff. Regardless of why you come into our office, you will leave with exceptional results. In fact, you won’t be able to wait until your next appointment.

We are highly trained in comprehensive dentistry including:

Sedation Dentistry
Preventative Oral Care
Periodontal Therapy

Dental Emergencies
Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Full-Bite Reconstruction
Dental Implants

You no longer have to let fear or anxiety prevent you from achieving the dental health you deserve. Whether you are coming to us with an emergency or for regular dental hygiene services, we are here to help you! You will be given a complete treatment plan after your initial visit. Together, we can plan your dental care.



Dentist Reviews

What Our Patients Are Saying


“Excellent. I have a deathly fear of dentists and hadn’t been to one in quite awhile. Dr. Peabody was great – very patient and understanding. I had sedation dentistry with a lot of work done. I had absolutely no pain and no recall of the time while we was working on my mouth. If you have a morbid fear of going to a dentist, you no longer need to. I would highly recommend Dr. Peabody.” 



“This is a fantastic team of people who work with Dr. Peabody, who is fantastic as well. They are very reassuring. His hygienist, Carol, cleaned my teeth like I’ve never seen before in my life. I’ve been having my teeth cleaned for decades and they now look the best they ever have. I recommend this dentist with absolutely no hesitation.”



“Today I experienced a miracle. Dr. Peabody finished a three-step tooth reconstruction for me by inserting my crown. I had pretty well destroyed my original tooth, I am very grateful for Dr. Peabody’s skills and his gentleness as a dentist. All of his staff has been so helpful and kind as well. I never knew going to the dentist could be so painless and hopeful. It has truly been a miraculous.”


Dentist Reviews

Peabody Dental Care can achieve fantastic results, you won’t believe the amazing transformation!





Dentist Reviews

Peabody Dental Care delivers personalized care with the latest dental technology available to give you the best and most pleasant experience. Digital x-rays and Diode Laser to name a couple. Give us a call, and we’ll explain how our modern dental equipment helps us deliver the most caring service for you.



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From Dr. Peabody

I love being a dentist, and for 33 years I have tremendously enjoyed providing dental care for you as well as the relationships we’ve formed.  I have decided to retire from the private practice of dentistry so that I can spend more time with my family.

I have interviewed several quality dentists, and I am delighted that I found an outstanding dentist that I know will fit my current patients and the community of Santa Cruz.

With sincere confidence, I am happy to introduce Dr. Martha Catalina Payne. (Dr. Cat)

Please visit her website:
to learn more about her and schedule your next appointment with her.

I will work closely with Dr. Cat in this transition so she has a thorough understanding of each patient’s dental needs.

I am confident that you will enjoy Dr. Cat as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her. The team is also quite impressed with her, and you will continue to see them at your reserved dental care visits.

Dr. Guy Peabody DDS