Three Great Reasons To Have Your Teeth Whitened by Professionals

These days, it seems like there are hundreds of ways to whiten your teeth. It’s easy to walk into any pharmacy or grocery store and pick up a home whitening kit or one of the many varieties of whitening toothpastes out there. But before you get too carried away, here are some points about teeth whitening that you should consider.

Every Mouth is Different

There are a number of over-the-counter home whitening kits available, such as dental trays and whitening strips. One of the problems with these methods is that they are designed for the general consumer, and not specifically for your mouth. Everyone’s teeth are unique, so one-size-fits-all solutions don’t tend to work very well when it comes to teeth. Dental trays, for example, can cause gum irritation if they’re not properly fitted to your mouth. Also, some bleaching products may contain a high level of peroxide, which can cause irritation if you have a sensitive mouth. If not used properly, some of these products can even lead to mouth ulcers and gum damage due to the bleaching agents they contain.

Home Bleaching Methods Can Wear Off Quickly

Tooth whitening strips can be easier to apply than dental trays, but the problem with these products is that the whitening effect tends to wear off after a couple of weeks. Since these strips are meant to be worn for extended periods of time (usually 30 minutes to an hour), they only contain a small amount of the bleaching agent that actually whitens your teeth. In order to maintain a whiter smile using this method, you would have to repeat the procedure every few months. This could also cause gum irritation, as you would be exposing your gums to potentially harmful chemicals on a regular basis. Plus, while these kits initially cost less than professional whitening, the cost would certainly add up over time!

Professional Whitening Works Better and Lasts Longer 

The other way to whiten your teeth is to visit a professional. A dentist can consult with you to find a solution that’s tailor-made for your mouth. This solution would account for factors like the shape of your teeth and the sensitivity of your gums that make your mouth different from anyone else’s. There are several different options available, including internal bleaching, and custom dental trays. All of these methods are safer and more effective than over-the-counter treatments. And while professional teeth whitening may seem more expensive than home methods at first, you could end up saving in the long run, since the effects of professional teeth whitening can last a lifetime with Dr. Guy Peabody’s “Whitening for Life” program.

The Take-Away

Before you go into the nearest CVS or Walgreens and grab the latest over-the-counter whitening solution, think about what your long-term goals are. Do you want a slightly whiter smile tomorrow, with the risk of potential side effects? Or do you want to avoid any potential dangers and have teeth that will be naturally white and shiny for years to come? If the long-term health and appearance of your teeth is a priority for you, then you should consider visiting a professional who can find the right solution for your unique mouth.

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