Tips for Finding a Caring Dentist in Santa Cruz, CA

If you are new to the Santa Cruz, CA area or have been burned by dentists in the past, it may be difficult to commit to a dental provider. Patients have become consumers in the competitive world of dental health and desire the best results at affordable prices. Choosing the right dentist for you and your family is a decision that requires thought and research.

Determine the Services that You Need

The more invested you are in the lifelong appearance and health of your smile, the better your results will be. Your dentist should be able to help you reach your oral health and aesthetic goals now and down the line. 

With life’s twists and turns, your teeth may also go on a similar journey. A dentist that offers multiple types of dentistry successfully under one roof fosters both convenience and trust. Seek a dentist that offers dental care that is:

  • Preventative: Helps maintain good oral health (twice annual check-ups)
  • Restorative: Focuses on repairing and restoring damaged oral structures (fillings, implants, etc.)
  • Cosmetic: Specializes in the appearance of teeth and gums (whitening, veneers, etc.)

If you are like approximately 48% of the population, you may have anxiety or fear towards dentists. Sedation dentistry is the practice of using sedatives to relax the patient and ease anxiety before and during dental procedures. Sedation methods are versatile and safe to suit your personal desires and procedure.

Check Reviews Online

The power of the internet has brought the world to our fingertips. Consumers can buy and have groceries delivered with a few taps on the phone. Before you visit a new restaurant, you may check out the reviews online to see if it’s worth your time and money. 

Dentists are also reviewed publicly by patients online. The point of view and opinions of clients are reflective of customer service. 

Nearly 75% of customers believe that online reviews increase their trust in a business. Before committing to a dentist, read his customer reviews to help establish a trusting relationship. 

Make Sure Your Dentist Accepts a Variety of Financing Options

Dental care can be expensive if you are paying out of pocket. High-quality dental care should be affordable and accessible. 

Health and dental insurances often cover some or most costs associated with the dentist. Some questions you may ask before entering a new dental office may be: 

  • Will this new dental provider accept my insurance?
  • Does this dentist have staff that will help communicate my dental plan with my insurance company?
  • What do you do if you don’t have insurance and you can’t afford the dentist? 

Research to see if your dentist will accept major credit cards, cash, or third-party financing.

Consider a Dentist with Experience in Santa Cruz, CA

Being satisfied with your dentist often leads to a lifelong commitment to outstanding oral health. Your oral health often correlates with the health of your entire body.

Dr. Peabody has been well established for 25 years in Santa Cruz, CA. The Peabody Dental Care family provides personable, state-of-the-art dentistry for all stops of your dental journey. Dr. Peabody designs individualized dental plans for permanent, prolonged care. He accepts most insurances, all major credit cards, cash, and CareCredit financing. 
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Peabody by messaging us online or calling 831-457-0343.

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From Dr. Peabody

I love being a dentist, and for 33 years I have tremendously enjoyed providing dental care for you as well as the relationships we’ve formed.  I have decided to retire from the private practice of dentistry so that I can spend more time with my family.

I have interviewed several quality dentists, and I am delighted that I found an outstanding dentist that I know will fit my current patients and the community of Santa Cruz.

With sincere confidence, I am happy to introduce Dr. Martha Catalina Payne. (Dr. Cat)

Please visit her website:
to learn more about her and schedule your next appointment with her.

I will work closely with Dr. Cat in this transition so she has a thorough understanding of each patient’s dental needs.

I am confident that you will enjoy Dr. Cat as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her. The team is also quite impressed with her, and you will continue to see them at your reserved dental care visits.

Dr. Guy Peabody DDS