Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Intra-Oral Camera

Our Santa Cruz, CA, practice offers the latest cutting-edge technology to detect dental problems sooner. We also use these advanced tools during a variety of procedures to provide patients with safer outcomes. Our entire staff stays up to date through continuing education courses to ensure optimal results.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera helps your dentist obtain a closer view of hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The specialized camera also allows the dentist to project images on a computer screen so that patients can have a full understanding of their dental needs. This helps keep individuals informed and engaged throughout the treatment process.


The Cavitron is an advanced ultrasonic cleaner that’s often used during dental cleanings. The powerful tool offers an extremely high frequency to remove more built-up tartar and plaque. A steady flow of water washes away the bacteria and debris that can cause gum disease. The Cavitron is an appropriate tool to help prevent gum disease but can also treat patients who already have the condition to minimize symptoms.


DIAGNodent is one of the most effective tools to detect cavities even before they are visible. This laser detector utilizes a frequency that can locate the small spots that can eventually turn into decay. The dentist holds this pen over the tooth, which provides a clear reading of any problematic areas on the tooth.


Since the DIAGNodent finds cavities at the earliest stages, you can receive treatment sooner and have an improved chance of maintaining your tooth’s structure. This also minimizes the chance of needing more extensive dental procedures down the road.

Digital Panoramic X-Rays

While most patients are used to having x-rays taken at the dentist’s office, digital panoramic x-rays take the experience to a whole new level. With this more advanced technology, the machine offers a complete view of your entire mouth in one image. With panoramic x-rays, your dentist can examine your teeth, gums, sinuses, nasal cavities, and jawbone.


This type of x-ray can also show issues that a traditional x-ray can’t, such as tumors, cysts, infections, and impacted teeth. The panoramic x-ray is also more comfortable since it takes images from outside of the patient’s mouth. As your head rests in the designated area, the machine’s arms rotate around you to capture images.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to while providing high-quality images. A sensor is placed in the mouth that produces images of your teeth and supporting bone. The images are sent to a computer, where you and your dentist can view them for diagnosis.


Diode Laser

The diode laser is used for a variety of soft tissue procedures. The laser light energy targets the treatment areas while leaving healthy tissues intact. Additionally, the diode laser helps to minimize bleeding and can reduce the healing period following treatment.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is carefully boiled, sterilized, and purified, which makes it an optimal choice for dentistry. It is often used with equipment to provide a fresh supply of water to be healthier and safer for patients. With this water, our dental practice doesn’t have to worry about the growth of dangerous bacteria and fungi.


At Peabody Dental Care, we are committed to providing top-tier care in a safe environment. No matter what your oral healthcare needs, our Santa Cruz, CA, team can deliver.

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From Dr. Peabody

I love being a dentist, and for 33 years I have tremendously enjoyed providing dental care for you as well as the relationships we’ve formed.  I have decided to retire from the private practice of dentistry so that I can spend more time with my family.

I have interviewed several quality dentists, and I am delighted that I found an outstanding dentist that I know will fit my current patients and the community of Santa Cruz.

With sincere confidence, I am happy to introduce Dr. Martha Catalina Payne. (Dr. Cat)

Please visit her website: https://santacruzdentalartists.com/
to learn more about her and schedule your next appointment with her.

I will work closely with Dr. Cat in this transition so she has a thorough understanding of each patient’s dental needs.

I am confident that you will enjoy Dr. Cat as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her. The team is also quite impressed with her, and you will continue to see them at your reserved dental care visits.

Dr. Guy Peabody DDS