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Guy Peabody, DDS particularly loves the challenge of helping people who may have had a tough experience with their past dentists. His goal is to provide each patient with an exceptional experience. He strives to let them know that there is a humane, kind, dignified way to receive their dental care. Dr. Peabody also imparts to them that they don’t have to be in pain during treatment.

He said, “I love seeing their confidence in themselves swell as they put their trust in me and my excellent team of caring staff and realize for themselves that they can achieve and maintain optimum dental health.”

Dr. Peabody said that the greatest reward and compliment is the fact that his patients are so well treated and welcomed like an honored guest each time they enter his practice. Due to the world-class treatment that he offers, these patients often refer their friends and co-workers to his practice. They want the ones closest to them to experience and benefit from the same kind of care. According to Dr. Peabody, “The fact that our patients refer close friends and family to see me is both humbling and rewarding.”

Dr. Guy Peabody

“Our philosophy is to prevent and correct dental disease early.”

Even though Dr. Peabody has been well established for more than 25 years in Santa Cruz, CA, he always welcomes new patients. He loves to leave his door open to let patients know that there is a right way to get dental work. Regardless of what they have experienced in the past, Dr. Peabody wants them to move forward with dentistry that is a step above others.

Patients can tell that Dr. Peabody is a different kind of dentist from the moment that they first visit his practice. He takes the time to get to know them better, not only as a patient but as a person. With his personable demeanor, he learns more about their dental needs, what they hope to accomplish, and how he can help them in their journey.

From that point, Dr. Peabody develops customized treatment programs for individual clients since dentistry is not one-size-fits-all. He understands that each patient has different needs and must be treated in a unique manner.

Not only does Dr. Peabody develop individual care programs, but he takes the time to involve clients. He believes that clients must be empowered and informed every step of the way. The dentist wants patients actively involved in their care. He believes the more invested they are, the better their outcomes.

Dr. Guy Peabody

Unlike other dentists who might attend to a patient’s current condition, Dr. Peabody completely assesses a patient to understand what is going on with their mouth and to look for problems that could affect patients down the road. Dr. Peabody believes in preventative care to minimize pain and discomfort down the road. He also wants to help patients prevent more costly and extensive dental work in the future.

Dr. Peabody knows that he can not do everything alone, which is why his office team is experienced in providing unparalleled customer service. He believes that each team member provides a pivotal role in his practice to care for patients from their initial visit to the office throughout treatment and well after.

Above all, Dr. Peabody wants his patients to leave the office with healthier, happier, improved mouths. Whether a patient needs a regular check-up or more extensive work, the dentist works diligently to leave them with a better outcome. He also wants results to be long-lasting.

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From Dr. Peabody

I love being a dentist, and for 33 years I have tremendously enjoyed providing dental care for you as well as the relationships we’ve formed.  I have decided to retire from the private practice of dentistry so that I can spend more time with my family.

I have interviewed several quality dentists, and I am delighted that I found an outstanding dentist that I know will fit my current patients and the community of Santa Cruz.

With sincere confidence, I am happy to introduce Dr. Martha Catalina Payne. (Dr. Cat)

Please visit her website: https://santacruzdentalartists.com/
to learn more about her and schedule your next appointment with her.

I will work closely with Dr. Cat in this transition so she has a thorough understanding of each patient’s dental needs.

I am confident that you will enjoy Dr. Cat as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her. The team is also quite impressed with her, and you will continue to see them at your reserved dental care visits.

Dr. Guy Peabody DDS