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I got into dentistry for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that I wanted to have a direct positive impact on people’s lives and help them feel and look better. As a child, I had an excellent dentist, one I strive to emulate to this day. He was professional, yet kind; calm and competent, and he had a gentle touch and demeanor. My family knew that whatever our dental needs were, he was going to take care of it with quality, long-term stability. We knew we were in great hands. When I reached high school age, I decided to explore many careers, but I always came back to the idea of being a dentist. I went to work in the dental field while I was in college, and fell in love with the profession.

Dr. Guy Peabody, DDS particularly love the challenge of helping people who may have had a tough experience with their past dentist(s) and see that there is a humane, kind, dignified way to receive their dental care—that they don’t have to be in pain during treatment. I love seeing their confidence in themselves swell as they put their trust in me and my excellent team of caring staff and realize for themselves that they can achieve and maintain optimum dental health.

Dr. Guy Peabody

“Our philosophy is to prevent and correct dental disease early.”

The most challenging and rewarding part of my practice is helping people who were too scared to go to the dentist achieve optimum dental health in a comfortable, relaxed, humane, dignified way they never dreamed was possible for them! Many of the new patients I see have not been to the dentist for 10 to 30+years, and they often come in with the initial impression that they might get lectured (as many were by their past dental providers), and that their dental condition can’t be helped. The first thing they noticed is that we do not “judge” or criticize people for being dilatory with their dental care. I always emphasize that we have the present and the future, and we move positively forward from there. I assure them that in my practice, we establish quality, long-term relationships with all of our patients, and we treat people with dignity and respect.

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment planning, I always present the best treatment options available to them because that’s the kind of dentistry I want in my own mouth. I personally take the time talk to my patients and write down any and all treatment concerns and goals they have. I make sure all of my patients are informed about their dental needs, treatment options, fees involved, treatment outcomes and expectations, and make sure all of their questions are answered before we begin treatment.

What makes all of this personalized service worthwhile are all of the smiles, tears of joy, and positive comments we receive from our patients because they truly appreciate being well taken care of. I love making the “after” photos as patients genuinely, without inhibitions, smile for what is often the first time in their lives!

Dr. Guy Peabody

The greatest reward and complement to me is my patients feel so well treated like an honored guest in our practice that they refer their friends and co-workers to us to experience and benefit from the same kind of care. Even though I’ve been well established for over 25 years in Santa Cruz, we always welcome new patients and the fact that our patients refer close friends and family to see me is both humbling and rewarding.

What landed me in Santa Cruz were my church and my extended family. I love the Santa Cruz mountains and the ocean, the numerous out-door activities we can do year-round, and I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world to live and raise a family.

Yet, it’s the people that I love the most. Along with actively living my faith and participating in my church (I’m an Orthodox Christian), I am heavily involved in youth sports—mostly coaching little league baseball, but also youth soccer and basketball. We have a very health conscious and philanthropically active community, and it’s a joy to be a part of it all. My wonderful wife Mona and I have healthy beautiful children and grandchildren who are very fortunate to have grown up in this exceptional county.

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